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On the 01/04 was a release of my new music video for a super talented guys for a band called HIK.

This song is about spirit, Buddha and your inner hesitations. I tried to reflect it in the video. Mystical elements, a scary power of fears and doubts, represented by the silver lady- everything gives us a feeling that everything in pretty normal..but.. wait a second! what the hell was that?? . Since i was a little kid, a ball, a circle symbolizes a soul for me (one day perhaps i will tell you why :) , so the parallel of red dress-red ball- capturing and transforming them and attaching to the head of a strange creature.. We all have uncertainties and inner dilemmas and as we grow and collect more and more experiences both good and bad - they all put weight on our heads and become obstacles on the way of our development. If we don't get rid of them- we die. Meditation helps to keep your head clear :)

here's some backstage for you

And yes, on the last day of shooting i've found a kitten))) who lives now happily with my parents and is named Belka )

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